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The most sought after act are the theater performances from the Bratislava Theater Company and Radosin Naïve Theater. Its during these dates that it’s often difficult to get a ticket. Another popular choice is the Musical Pavilion in the center of the park.

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The most famous cultural and sport community event of 2007 in Piestany is on pdf format.

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Piestany shares the rhythm of a small town but offers the opportunities of a big city. Piestany has many cultural options of a high standard. You can find everything from nightclubs to theaters, from pubs to galleries and from “production on the bridge” to open-air music festivals. Balls, dances, dinner evenings, folklore presentations and other cultural outlets are all part of the vibrancy of Piestany.


The modern, imposing piece of architecture in the middle of a park is the center of the cultural community life. The Piestany house of art organizes concerts, international festivals, and other cultural activities such a theater, film, television shows, congresses and symphonies, and exhibitions.


The town is a prime location for galleries, including modern ones located in various shops or professional ones situated in exclusive locations. One of the most unique is the sculpture gallery in nature, where the statues of famed Slovak and international artists are on display. The sculpture display covers the entire spa island.


Piestany is a town of music, and annual holds numerous esteemed festival and concerts, carrying such serious music such as the festival of modern music for the youth. Festivals such as Hodokvas or Country Lodenica attract a great number of guests.

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