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Relaxing by experiencing
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Romantický víkend Školenie Špeciálna ponuka


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After a walk on a soft green carpet, breathing in the fresh air in a beautiful setting while being in the middle of greenery can motivate you to do more and more with your skill. Is it relaxation our sport? Golf is one of the healthiest sports that allow you to relax to the maximum. Golf is described to be of chivalrous spirit, which has relaxing influence of the moral of its players.

Sensitivity to make the right decision

The more a sport is physically demanding, the more it requires concentration, patience, thought, precision, balance that you must learn to combine with result, chance and technical skill. Golf along with downhill skiing are considered to most demanding psychomotor sports. Golf requires strategic thought and sensitivity of its players in order to make the right decision.

Golf in Piestany

Golf was played in Piestany even in the times of the Winterov Family. Guest from Great Britain would often request it. Southerners enjoyed spending their summers on the green. Golf is a game for everyone, in every age category.

Architecture based on nature

In Piestany, on the Spa island, a 9-hole golf course exists. The architecture of the field is orientated around the natural setting of the island. Old trees and narrow pathways will awaken and challenge even skilled players.

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