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Railway service - the town of Piestany is located on the international railway network, with connections to Budapest, Vienna and Warsaw.



Piestany spreads over a distance of 4 420 hectors until the western hills of Považského Inovca, 162 meters above sea level. Vah, the longest Slovak river crosses through the Piestany valley dividing the town scenically. The town of Piestany has population of 32 thousand citizens. It is located in the Trnava country that has 27 other townships to its name.

World Class Spas

Piestany is among the most important European spa towns and it is famous throughout the world. The Piestany spas are aimed towards the treatment of physical mobility and nerve related illnesses. The spas thermal waters, which range from 67-69 °C, have sulphurous minerals with healing power. Other unique treatment techniques included the use of sulphurous thermal mud.

Transportation Network

The transportation layout of Piestany makes it an international hub of route corridors. Air, high way and railways connections run through the town; the future holds the possibility of river transportation as well. The Piestany international airport has a landing lane that is 2 000 X 30 meters, which is an excellent size for both tourist and economic function.

Bratislava and Vienna just a jump away

Highway D1 (Bratislava, Trnava, Piestany, Trencin, Zilina) an international connection between Vienna and Brno, is an excellent connection between Piestany and the capital of Slovakia as well as the region of Horneho Povazia. Piestany is located 80 km from the capital city of Bratislava and 140 km from the Schwechat airport in Vienna.

Banka Township

One of the first written artifacts found in Slovakia comes from the year of 1241 in the region of Bana. Today it is the grounds of a ruined and lost castle. The Banka township is located on the left bank of the Vah river, on the south-western side of Povazskeho Inovca, within a short distance of Piestany. On the southwestern most side of Povzskeho Inovca is Serbalov peak, also known as the black tower. In 1995 the township became independent from Piestany, and today they are district neighbors. The township has 2,145 citizens.

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