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Relaxing by experiencing
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Get familiar with the activities offered outside the hotel and make an educated decision. According to your expectations, “we tailor on target” offering the essence of adrenaline with additional opportunities to relax with golf. Or with the wind blowing through your hair you can enjoy the beauty of Piestany and its surroundings from the seat of a motorcycle or even an airplane. We offer unique relaxation in the form of an experience to remember…


Relaxation – Sport – Adrenaline

Today it is common to offer top of the line accommodation and quality food even in most hotels. We decided to set ourselves apart. In this sector, we offer opportunities that allow our customer to have the best experience. Whether it’s relaxing comfortably, partaking in some healthy sport activity or adrenaline action, you can find it with us.

Dip your body into the refreshing bead bath and Scottish sprays. Melt away your stress with a relaxing massage after a steam sauna. Justify waiting on your husband, while he sky dives out of an airplane or on a friend who speeds away on a motorcycle with the wind blowing through his hair. Take up an exercise class in the relaxation school, or join a team in a sport’s game. We think of it all for you, your only job is to come relax and enjoy.

Active relaxation has beneficial function, not just for you body but also for your mind. Kick the need and stress out of your rigid body; jump on a bike, take up a game of tennis, go swimming, bowling or a play a game of golf. These are only a few of the options available of how you can enjoy your stay while also doing something for your body and mind.

You don’t enjoy laying around in some hot wooden bath, or even “walking with a hokey stick” in the park? Excellent. We’re certain you will enjoy this; riding on a 115 horsepower motorcycle, jumping from a height of 3000 meters (of course you’ll have a parachute), racing around in a motorcycle (watch out you won’t be on a track, but in the town!), or just shooting in the gallery (try to hit the target)…If something has caught your eye, or you think this adrenaline activity is for you, continue reading the detailed menu.

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