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The famous spa town of town of Piestany, has one of the highest sunny day counts per year in Slovakia. It is located on both banks of the Vah River, and will certainly charm you with its “ocean-like view”. The town park, Kolonada or the Spa Island are common attractions for relaxing walks. Natural oxygen therapy can be experienced on a trip to the surrounding woods, Povazsky Inovec, which offers a popular variety of hiking trails. Get to know the surrounding towns and locality.


Bezovec, the most famous recreation and sport center on Povezsky Inovec is located in a beautiful setting. The summer offers ideal conditions for demanding hiking and cycle tourism. In the winter, 6 chairlifts with the possibility of artificial snow and evening skiing are at disposition (distance: 15 km).

Hell’s oven / Čertova pec

Hell’s oven is a protected natural cave opening, where footprints were found after the eldest discovered humans in Slovakia, from the middle of the Paleotic era. There are also many stops where you and your family can take rest during your hike. Entry possible by foot or bicycle (distance: 8 km).

Ratnovská stop

Ratnovska Stop is the center for water skiing on lake Slnava (distance when taking the cycle circle route: 12 km), is southeast from the town. The lakes banks offer a comfortable place for tourist to walk or cycle around. During the summer season, the water-skiing lift is open on the lake. The neighboring island, Cajka, is a protected nest for many priceless birds (distance: 2 km).

Statue of Dr. Milan Rastislav Stefanik at Bradle

The statue of Dr. Milan Rastislav Stefanik is located on top of Bradle, the highest peak of Myjasky Pahorkatiny. Architect Dusan Jurkovic sculpted the statue of Dr. Stefanik. You can discover it for yourself by taking Brezovej under Bradle, which will take you through Stefanik’s birth district of Kosariskami (distance: 25 km).

Bechov Castle / Hrad Beckov

Bechov Caste, situated on a steep cliff, has existed since the 1200s. This boundary castle belonged to King Matus Cakov and from the year of 1388 it belonged to various aristocratic families. In the 16th century it was strengthened, and later was used as a military point to fend of the Turkish attacks in the year of 1599.  After a fire in 1729 it collapsed and was in ruins until1945. Based on its important historical history it was chosen as a National Cultural Monument. The entry is located in the district of Bechov, and easily accessible by following the labeled path (distance: 20 km).

Chactice Castle / Hrad Čachtice

Chachtice castle was built in the first half of the 13th century, as a military guard over the boundary. At the end of 13th century King Premysl Otaka II siege it. The notorious Alzbetha Bathoryova made the castle famous during her reigned from 1560 to 1614. In 1611 she was sentenced to life in a dungeon for her crimes against innocent young girls. After the Kuruck wars, in the beginning of the 18th century the castle began to deteriorate. Today it stands in ruins. Entry is possible from the district of Chachtice (distance: 12 km).

Temetin Castle / Hrad Tematín

The first tower is dated to the year of 1270, when it belonged to a King and was built a watchtower to guard the pathway to Moravia. From the second half of the 16th-century it belonged to Thurzov Family, who perfected the protection system. Entry to the castle is possible from the district of Luke and Nova Lehota. The view from the castle is beautiful and you can see the Vazsku straight, Piestany and Nove Mesto nad Vahom as if on the palm of your hand (distance: 8 km).

Topolciansky Castle / Hrad Topoľčiansky

The remains of the kingdoms 13th century gothic castle (1235) is located right above the district of Pohradie. It had many owners in its history. In 1434 it was captured by the Husite army and became the opposition point for many more battles. From the 18th century it lost its strategic importance and began to deteriorate. From the ruins there is a beautiful view. Entry from the district of Topolciansky is possible by following the labeled path (distance: 18 km (through the woods) 33 km (by car)).

Moravany nad Váhom

The district of Moravany nad vahom is famed for having a valuable artifact from the stone age. The statue is cut from a mammoth’s tusk and is 7,7cm in height. It’s age is estimated to be 22 800 years. It situated in a castle from the 16th century, which once belonged to the Csaky family, the castle is from the middle ages (distance: 2 km).


Trnava is the first independent kingdom city of Slovakia. It was the religious center in the past, where religious guidance and education took place during the Austrian-Hungarian empire. It’s strong religious past has led to its nickname of “Small Rome”. Many historical monuments that date back from its religious era are found in the town (distance: 32 km).


Vrbove is the birthplace of Lord Morica Benovsky, the King of Hungary. The town is also famous for its crooked tower from the year of 1835; its incline is approximately 98 cm. There is also a large Jewish community and their roots go back to the 17th century when approximately 200 Jews arrived from Moravia (according to the synagogue) (distance: 8 km).

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