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About us

“If you would like, you could spend each night in a different country, without ever stepping foot outside of Piestany!”

Otto Zachej


The service industry has grown dynamically in Piestany due to natural and cultural extractions in the town and its surroundings. But in particular because of its famous spas, founded by Lord Erdodym at the beginning of the 19th century. Since their founding, many famous historical persons and contemporary figures have visited the grounds for treatments and relaxation. Some of the most famous were Czar Fransice Josef and his wife Sissi, Bulgarian Czar Ferdinand I, maharas from India and Malaysia, and even presidents and diplomats from the far states of the world.

First Impulse

The tremendous potential of the town (not just its spa tourism) was not fully exploited and other potential sectors of the tourism industry were neglected, despite the 5,000-hotel bed capacity. This was our impulse. After years of hard work in the hotel industry, I worked as a hotel manager and my wife worked as a tour guide; we became unemployed after a change in management. For several months we visited the bureau of work without much luck and an idea stirred in our minds, why don’t we build our own Pension and be our own bosses? We found a property with a excellent layout, wrote a project and asked an established bank in Piestany for a loan. Everything that we created was our own; from skills to business orientation and the project in general it was all on us.

From humble beginning to great

We began building Pension Zachej in August 2004 and in June 2005 we accepted our first guests. The one sentence masks all the hard work; days and months of toil, not just in physical labor but also in bureaucracy battles and mountains of paper work. We stayed convinced that we decided correctly, I am a qualified hotel manager and I know how to do it.!  In our first month we had ¾ of full capacity. Today we are often completely booked; guests from abroad occupy most of the rooms.  Some weeks, we would have over 14 different nationalities staying with us. A good sign is that we now even have company clientele, and they feel at home in our pension.

High Standard

Foreign clients are used to and expect a certain standard of services; quality accommodation and an excellent cuisine have to be a certainty. You have to adapt the needs of your client. I can’t imagine telling a client, who orders dinner at midnight, that we only cook dinner until 10pm. I learned my special skills during a several year stay in Austria. Lech am Alberg by Innsburg, is where I had the privilege to serve Princess Diana, Joe Cocker and many other celebrities. It is there I received my best professional training.

The foundation of our success

At Pension Zachej we are proud of our work. Not just us, the owners, but also our employees. We are not only sensitive to our clients’ needs, but also the satisfaction of our employees. A hotel with a stable personal is definitely worth more over all. A customer always feel more comfortable, when she returns after even a couple years and is greeted by the same faces. When the receptionist remembers his name, that when he feels comfort.

Please accept our invitation, we are anxiously a waiting to meet you.


Eva a Otto Zachej

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